About STO

Vision and Strategy


Development of a sustainable tourism city
through enriching and expanding Seoul tourism industry


A tourism organization bring a global level tourism
to the visitors in assemble with local residents

2023 Goals and
Strategic Directions
  • Growing

    of Locals
    to Tourism

    Increase in Happiness
    of tourists & local residents
    Diversifying tourism activities
    as a part of daily life
    Developing and
    authentic tourism
    contents of Seoul
  • Innovating


    Enhancement in Supports
    and Cooperation for
    Tourism Ecosystem
    Expanding tourism services
    through supports and co-
    operation for tourism industry
    Developing promising energy for
    further growth of Seoul tourism
    through Tourism Governance
  • Intensifying

    of Seoul

    Establishment of
    Groundwork to Elevate
    the Value of Global Tourism
    Development of high-valued
    MICE industry projects
    Building foundations for advan-
    cing value generation with R&D
    projects and global marketing
  • Transforming to
    Contribute to
    Local Society

    Competence to Provide
    the Cooperative Public Services
    Expanding organizational
    activities to contribute to
    Local Society
    Progressing in management
    system in pursuit of public
    interest of local society

Foundation Role

Marketer: Research tourism markets, Establish tourism marketing strategies. Incubator: Support growth of the tourism industry, Foster human resources specializing in tourism. MICE Bureau: Assist hosting and organizing MICE. Service Provider: Offer tourist information and tour guide services. Developer: Develop and commercialize tourism resources, Expand tourism content.